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The word derives from the Latin cilicium , a covering made of goat's hair from Cilicia , a Roman province in south-east Asia Minor . [8] The reputed first Scriptural use of this exact term is in the original Latin Vulgate of Psalm 35:13, "Ego autem, cum mihi molesti essent, induebar cilicio." This is translated as hair-cloth in the Douay Bible, and as sackcloth in the King James Version and the Book of Common Prayer ( "But as for me, when they were sick, my clothing was sackcloth." in the King James Bible). Sackcloth is often mentioned in the Bible as a symbol of mourning and penance, and was probably a form of hairshirt. Sackcloth may also mean burlap . However, sackcloth in the Bible was usually made of coarse, black goat 's hair. [ citation needed ]

Most residents of Ankh-Morkpork speak Morporkian . However from time to time Latatian is used particularly by certain Guilds such as Guild of Lawyers and by the College of Heralds to make excruciating puns.

Ego Death And Cum Sock - Fight Till You DieEgo Death And Cum Sock - Fight Till You DieEgo Death And Cum Sock - Fight Till You Die